Chargecooler Pumps

Chargecooler systems are only as good as the chargecooler pumps they fed by, and we can guarantee, we supply the best and widely used chargecooler electric water pump available on the market.

Many chargecooler pumps have high flow, some have high pressure output, but none of them meet the correct needs of a liquid to air chargecooling system. What you need is adequate flow with pressure and the AVT Chargecooler pump is the only one that meets both demands.

This new and improved 12v electric water pump, can flow over 1700 litres per hours static pressure, but even 1200 litres per hour up to a pressure of 5psi, far higher than you would ever encounter in a chargecooler system. Even above this head pressure, the drop in flow is minimal, unlike many other smaller impeller type designs which drop right down in output with a slight increase in head pressure, to the point of stalling.